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Проектирование света в Hyatt RegencyWith

Проектирование света в Hyatt RegencyWith With its distinctive pair of towers soaring to 164 meters/538 feet and offering panoramic views across the water and the city skyline, the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights hotel is the last word in five-star service and original interior design. Swarovski, with its unrivaled crystal, set over 160 square meters of Classic Panels, creating a uniquely luminous interior.

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Opening doors to perfection
The stunning collection of Knobs and Handles, designed and crafted by Swarovski, shines with an urbane combination of crystal and metal elements, fused together in a sophisticated, timeless, and distinctive design.
Crystal Surfaces: an incomparable interior décor
The latest light-refractive sensation for high-end interior outfitting is Swarovski’s pioneering collection of interior decorative treatments, Crystal Surfaces. Renowned creative director and make-up artist Sergej Benedetter has focused his talents on capturing their unprecedented reflective qualities in a series of striking images.
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